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Forest regeneration – one of the essential forest management practices whose purpose is to ensure a high quality and valuable forest in the future.

According to the Forest Law, all clear cutting sites must be regenerated in 3 years. The forest can be regenerated either by planting or by self-seedlings.

We provide all needed services for a good quality forest regeneration:

Forest protection/Maintenance

Forests continue to require attention throughout their early development, from establishment through to the stage where a satisfactory forest begins to form.

The main issues to be addressed during this period are:

Cleaning and pre-commercial thinning

Between the period when a forest is established and the first harvesting operation (first thinning), it is necessary to do a pre-commercial thinning in a forest.

Pre-commercial thinning ensures the optimal density of a young forest and helps form a stand of desired species composition.

PCT tasks:

Why we are doing PCTs:


Forest Solutions UAB has no ownership ties to sawmills and forest industries. Because of our independence, we can act in your best interests in terms of price, timing of a sale, and type of felling.

Close collaboration with our partners enables us to closely monitor trends in the wood market.

Our task as forest managers is to ensure that you get maximum return from your forest holdings.

Together with you, we ensure that:

We provide the following services:


We can help you get certificates confirming responsible forestry — and stay that way.

As a forest owner or manager, certification is a way of ensuring that your forest management is recognised. Certification involves an audit of forest management by an independent organisation to check that it meets internationally and nationally agreed standards of responsible forest management.

Certification is voluntary. However, as our experience shows, it is becoming harder and harder to sell timber from a forest that is not certificated for a good price. To avoid these losses, we recommend that you obtain certification.

We can help you join a local group certification. This approach is designed to reduce the costs of certification, – as the cost per group member is significantly lower than if each member applied for an individual certificate.

EU support

The European Union provides measures to support of forests, which can help increase the value of your land and forest.

We assist in preparing applications for EU subsidies according to the measure ‘Investments in forest area development and improvement of the viability of forests’ for the following areas of activities: afforestation; investments to increase the resilience of forest ecosystems and their value for the environment.

The applications are prepared and collected in accordance with the Lithuanian Rural Development 2014-2020 Program approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Our services encompass the entire application process, from the preparation to the submission of the final payment request and the report of implementation.

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